“Andrés Wilson pushes beyond musical boundaries, incorporating so effortlessly elements of jazz, blues, funk and pop into his own melodic song stylings."
Joel Simches, The Noise

"Ink & Sound is a must-have for fans of rock guitar. I'd take a chance on this one if I were you."
-Doug Cornell, Hit Session Magazine

"He’s taken his own musical path, mixing metal, blues and world beat on his self-released CD “Ink & Sound."
-Jed Gottlieb, The Boston Herald

"A one-man band, Wilson's guitar style went back and forth between rhythm and lead with highly percussive strums."
-Ken Maiuri, The Hampshire Gazette
The son of two musicians, Andrés was named after the famed classical guitarist, Andrés Segovia. He has been a touring professional guitarist and singer-songwriter since his late teens, having performed everything from jazz to heavy metal and everything in between throughout his native Boston, the broader U.S., Montréal, France, England, and Israel. His début album INK & SOUND was named one of Boston's top five by Metronome Magazine in 2007 and his acoustic EP and accompanying poetry book, CITYSCAPES & APPARITIONS was released digitally in January of 2013. An instrumental, jazz/rock/world fusion album, BLACK ORPHEUS is slated for release early in 2018. ​

As a sideman, Andrés is frequently in the orchestra pit of your favorite shows and he has recorded and played with a variety of groups and artists, including hip-hop artist Dell Wells, but most recently he has been the touring and recording guitarist for the
classically-influenced rock singer-songwriter, Asia Mei, with whom he often plays as a duo, and the Grammy-Award-winning reggae artist, King Mas.

Andrés thinks of himself as a 21st-century Renaissance Man and earned his B.M. from the Berklee College of Music, a M.A. in literature from Columbia University, and a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Andrés is also currently an adjunct professor at Newbury College in Brookline, Ma., and Quincy College in Quincy, Ma. When not making music, reading or writing, he can usually be found running around with his kids, Eden and Liam, practicing yoga poses, or recklessly riding his bicycle in circles.
The music of Andres Wilson & The Waters fuses his many influences into melodic, richly poetic songs. Andrés’s crooning voice soars over colorful, distorted harmonies from his guitar. Sinuous, violin-like guitar leads embellish head bobbing grooves with pulchritude. Listen to the debut album Ink & Sound (2006) and stomp along with the infectious groove of the first track, “A Million Miles." There are some heavier moments with throbbing rhythms and wailing leads (“El Dorado" & “Poverty and Resource"), while other tracks flirt with mainstream pop and sport infectious hooks (“The Woods", “Little Island", “Home"). The lyrics are full of rich imagery and illuminating symbols, impressionistic but easily deciphered by careful listeners. Andrés sings about alienation, our moments of color within the gray, and the epiphanies one experiences as life untangles like a roll of yarn. High-energy live shows are defined by heart, soul, and moments of jaw-dropping instrumental heroics. Musically, CITYSCAPES & APPARITIONS (2013) is much more introspective and hopeful, reminiscent of Nick Drake and acoustic blues with lyrical forays into satire and frequent references to religious mysticism. The poetry is much more eclectic, spanning over ten years of creative and personal growth. His most recent instrumental project, BLACK ORPHEUS (2018), marks a return to his roots as a guitar virtuoso albeit with added sophistication and charm.

“As long as these types of artists keep coming around then music has a chance...[y]ou've got to listen to this kid; he's truly got some talent and should be heard at high levels."
-Dan Rondinelli, Indie In-Tune Northeast