01.13.13CITYSCAPES & APPARITIONS is now available for download for only $3 at Bandcamp!

My new, mainly acoustic baby just released for the new year. Download a few tracks for FREE, and the entire album for only $3.

03.15.11Rocking the Yellow Sofa (Northampton Gazette)

Our first press in Western Mass.

01.18.10Since Its Release in 2006, INK & SOUND has received accolades from critics. Here is a sampling:

"It's bluesy, funky, and fresh with something refreshing to bring the indie music scene. Wilson has a strong knack for guitar play and the band behind him (The Waters) compliment his music, creating an old school blues funk that seems to never die. As long as these types of artists keep coming around then music has a chance...[y]ou've got to listen to this kid; he's truly got some talen and should be heard at high levels."
-Dan Rondinelli, Indie In-Tune Northeast (Jul.-Aug. 2007)

"Ink and Sound is a must-have for fans of rock guitar. I'd take a chance on this one if I were you."
-Doug Cornell, Hit Session Magazine (Jan. 2007')

"Wilson isn't afraid to let his talents and abilities shine on this disc. He is a truly gifted guitarist, singer and songwriter, with an uncanny sense of melody and a flair for showmanship..[t]here is something for every sensibility on this record, which gets better and better with every consecutive listen."
-Joel Simches, The Noise Boston (Jul.-Aug. 2006)

"After listening to Andres Wilson's stunning new album Ink & Sound, you'd never guess that the gifted guitarist was a fan of punk music."
-Brian M. Owens, Metronome Magazine (Dec. 2007)
(excerpt from the feature review in the aforementioned edition)

"He’s taken his own musical path, mixing metal, blues and world beat on his self-released CD “Ink & Sound."
-Jed Gottlieb, The Boston Globe